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tik tok Remix (Ke$ha Ft. Lady Gaga) (JASE.XKLUSIV.09) – DJ MYSTERY Hit up for all your favourite mash – ups and musik! JASE^ MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE :)


Young Money – Bedrock

Tik Tok Ke$ha

Beyonce Video Phone

Klassic Cypher 2 – Hyperactive

Kanye West – Don’t tell me nuthin

Young Money – Bedrock

Lil’ Wayne – Get Something

Nowadays music has been simplified with the touch of a button and the post of a YouTube video. Frankly such actions have many of you thinking that anybody can be the next Soulja Boy. The reality is that he is who he is exclusively. Be a fan or not Soulja Boy’s beat driven hits are too hard to deny.

Thirsty for more success Soulja Boy is onto the next by propping his CEO hat tall. As he readies his next full length LP entitled The DeAndre Way, he sows a new impression into the music biz by introducing his next diamond in the rough via newly signed artist JaBar to his SOD Money Gang Imprint. With a legion of minions in tow and a co-sign from Universal towards the distribution side, this is sure to be an unstoppable force. Soulja Boy and JaBar have duly cooked up another anthem that many will find equally appealing through his first major single “Daze.”

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