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Worldstarhiphop is one of the nation’s leading websites for hip hop music and the urban scene , we hope to offer a similar layout , with similar videos. The difference of course is that we will soon have the ability for people to download free music and MP3s. Another feature of our website is that our platform runs much faster than worldstarhiphop due to the fact we don’t load up a bunch of ads for each video or such.

PS , from time to time we get paid to share information with you.

How do I get my video on worldstarhiphop?

If you’re a independent artist trying to break through to a larger fan base, Worldstarhiphop is a great place to submit videos to , HOWEVER in many cases , they can be extremely hard to get on their daily video feed.

Here’s a few ways to get them to accept your video.

#1 Get something viral, something that REALLY gets attention. If you’re a artist this is much harder than say having something like a street fight or such.

#2 Get people to share your video on facebook and/or youtube. Having a strong social presence is quite important to having them pick it up.

#3 If you want, you can always pay them to feature your video, however this may cost several hundred dollars. Consider this a long term investment as most videos will get several hundred thousand views while on their front page.

#4 Recently we’ve found out that having a popular video on youtube can also help you get on worldstarhiphop’s website. Sometimes they just browse youtube and find videos on that website without any further work.

WorldStarHipHop & 50cent.

Regardless of what you’re doing to try and get on worldstar, persistence is always the key. Not everyone gets in , but if you keep trying your best to get into their video section you will do quite well. Furthermore , you can always attempt to buy a post or two on their website. Sure it costs a few hundred dollars, but when it comes down to it it could very well be worth it for your career. WorldStarHipHop is seen all over the world by millions of people every single day!

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